‘The choir captured the intimate beauties of Faure’s setting most delicately.’
Nottingham Evening Post

‘A splendid concert.’
Gedling Borough Council (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘What joy the Boys Choir brought to our Sunday evening.’
Clifford Wilton, BA

‘The music and singing was a joy for us all.’
Good Shepherd Church (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘The balance was absolutely right.’
Tozer Studio (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘High standard choir… excellent concert.’
Trent Concert Band (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘A splendid performance, the singing was so beautifully performed.’
Mike & Patricia Pickering (Lincolnshire, UK)

‘The sheer bliss of singing your heart out.’
Former member (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘Your lads deserve credit for what they’ve achieved, as do those who help make it happen.’
D. Shepherd (Wiltshire, UK)

‘Thank you. You really made the whole atmosphere complete.’
Bride (Nottinghamshire, UK)

‘It is impossible to overstate what this choir has given our son, in terms of his musical ability, his musical appreciation, and the number of doors it has opened for him.’
Parent of current member